BMX Adventures

BMX Adventures 1.0

BMX Adventures is a free game that provides you with a challenging BMX ride
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BMX Adventures is a small yet challenging game in which you are offered to ride BMX bikes. You race against a computer player and your goal is to get to the finish line first. The game provides 6 levels that will put to test your patience and your gaming skills.

After you install the game you will enjoy a BMX ride that will surely bring out the determination in you. The design of the game does not amaze the user in any way. The game is quite simple. The user chooses the level of difficulty and races against the computer. The up/down, left/right arrows are the only keys the user can use.

Your goal is to get to the finish line without turning your bike upside down. This seems very easy until you get to the first hill that just won`t let you pass by it. This is the only difficult part of the game that makes it so frustrating for some users but challenging for others.

The great part of this game is that it can test your determination and mess with your nerves. A determined user will try to climb that hill over and over again until they will succeed on passing over it. BMX Adventures is a game you definitely won`t forget!

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